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Get Involved!

In order for stuff to flow at a continuous rate, everyone gets to take part. No one is immune! Here are some dos and don’ts for encouraging participation in your home or office.


  • Set up a donate bin. Whenever you have something that can be donated, place it in the bin. When it is full, take it to your favorite donation location.
  • Model the one in-one out expectation. Example at the dinner table: “Today I bought a new pair of shoes and a shirt. I have already put an old pair of shoes and a shirt into our donate bin.”
  • Tell others that you are trying to simplify and rid your space of clutter. You can tell them that you don’t need any more stuff. For instance, “I appreciate the fact that you always give me a birthday gift. I have plenty of stuff. But if you feel like you still need to give me a gift, please consider something consumable such as a manicure or restaurant certificate.”


  • Remove things from someone’s space without their permission. I know that it is easier to go through a child’s room and remove the articles that you feel he or she no longer plays with; however, this can lead to anger and frustration on the part of the child. Furthermore, it can lead to the very behavior that you are trying to change. Children who had adults “clean out” their spaces are more likely to hold on to extra items as adults.
  • Expect others to delete stuff from their collections if you are unable to model the behavior.
  • Be afraid to re-gift an item that a loved one has given you. It is much better for the piece to be enjoyed by someone else than to have it take up your precious space.



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