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Decreased Clutter Overwhelm = Decreased Stress


Decreased Clutter Overwhelm = Decreased Stress

Are you stressed? In my experience, a major cause of stress is clutter. Think about it, there is schedule clutter because we have more tasks, obligations, and activities than we have hours in the day. There is physical clutter which overwhelms our homes and workplaces which is caused by bringing in more items than we have space for or than items that are leaving the space. There is information clutter due to the overabundance of newspapers, TV channels, internet access, and magazines. So why practice stuff-flow™…to decrease stress in your life!

To find out more about the advantages of practicing stuff-flow™ and how to get started, read below about the Stop Letting Stuff Overwhelm You audio that is available.

Do you feel so overwhelmed by “stuff” that you have considered taking a torch to your personal clutter? Does the stress associated with these piles of confusion cause you to be less efficient in your personal tasks? It’s time to Stop Letting Stuff Overwhelm You! This downloadable audio will help expose the habits surrounding “stuff accumulation”. Listeners will learn decluttering and organizing principles that are applicable in all spaces and situations. A downloadable handout is also included with the audio files.

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